10 best boxed wines of 2021


Trevor Williams

Once upon a time, drinking canned wine meant sipping super mild, hangover-inducing alcohol. a bag inside a box. BBut it’s time to officially put that bad name in the past and with it, your ripped t-shirts.

Still often cheaper than bottled varieties, boxed wines are making a comeback for a reason: they’re increasingly delicious, easily transportable (and usable), and eco-friendly. “There is more wine in less packaging, they are very easy to transport, less energy is used to produce them and they are much less likely to break,” says Katie Bishop, RDN, virtual dietitian at By Root Nutrition. “At the end of the day, canned wine produces a lot less waste than the bottle.”

Another advantage? Due to the plastic “bladder” inside the box and the pouring tab that keeps oxygen out, boxed wines last four to six weeks when opened (compared to about five days for. one bottle), which allows you to reduce wine waste.

With so many options available, however, it can be difficult to tell which boxes are good for your health. and wallet. While more expensive doesn’t always mean better (in terms of flavor), inexpensive wines tend to contain more sugars left over from the accelerated fermentation process. A good rule of thumb? Avoid wines that have more than 10 grams of sugar per serving and aim for dry wines, as they are generally lower in calories, Bishop recommends.

Here are the 10 best boxed wines, according to experts:

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Best crowd pleaser


Black Box

$ 21.99

After 15 years in the market, Black Box is a proven option. Chardonnay in particular earns points in Bishop’s book because it’s a dry white, which usually means it’s lower in sugar. But beware: “Chardonnay is known to have a higher alcohol content,” Bishop says, which means more calories overall.


Best wine to take away

Dry rosé


$ 750.00

If you love to explore and venture as much as you love to drink wine, then this lightweight, travel-friendly bad boy is for you. This company has an unwavering appreciation for the environment and uses sustainable technologies throughout production. In addition, they also support organizations such as the National Park Foundation and 1% for the Planet.

Still, somehow, not sold on Bandit? Their crunchy and dry rosé (remember: less sugar) will make you a fan for sure.


Better for heart health

Pinot Noir

Original house wine

$ 18.99

Under all these pretty packaging hides a rich Pinot Noir with flavors of cocoa, black plum and black cherry. Even better? Drinking this deep red drink comes with a few health benefits. “Pinots Noirs are particularly rich in a compound called resveratrol which comes from the skin of grapes and has been linked to a decrease in heart disease, dementia, diabetes and some cancers,” explains Keri gans, RDN, dietician in New York. Yes, I am sold!


Ideal for sunny summer days


The old farm

$ 19.99

Nothing says summer like a rosé. And this one is light and easy, not only to drink, but also on your wallet. Three liters for less than $ 20? Here’s a glass – or one … two … – of rose to sip.


Best fruity flavor

Pink sangria

Beso del Sol

$ 500.00

Beso Del Sol has canned some of Spain’s best grapes and flavors so you can sip sangria all summer long without having to set foot in Spain. While all three versions (white, red, and pink) are delicious, Bishop is a fan of pink, which includes fruity flavors of oranges, peaches, and mangoes without breaking the calorie bank. Pro tip: add some fresh fruit to really feel like Seville.


Best organic option

White wine

From the reservoir

$ 34.50

Made entirely from Chardonnay and 100 percent organic, this From The Tank wine is aged in concrete instead of oak barrels, which can leave a flavor that a lot of people (maybe even you!) Don’t really like. . Take a sip of this citrus swiss chard to see if it passes your flavor test.


Ideal for a drink with friends

White merlot

bridge lane

$ 38.00

This white wine from New York is made for summer pleasures. If you’re going to be sipping drinks in the summer and wine is your choice, go for this low-calorie, low-sugar dry white. Bonus: it won’t break the bank.


Best staple drink

Pinot Grigio


$ 40.00

Yes, everyone’s favorite in college was on the list. The reason? Compared to many other alcohol brands, “they are very transparent about the nutritional value of their product,” Bishop says. With just a gram of sugar and just 107 cals (compared to around 150 for your average beer), Franzia’s Pinot Grigio is your new summer staple, guaranteed.


Best lasting sip

Cabernet Sauvignon

Bota box

$ 19.99

When shopping for boxed wines, it is important to look for three specific letters: BPA, a chemical commonly found in plastics that has been linked to adverse health effects such as increased blood pressure. and hormonal changes, explains Bishop. Go for wines like this rich red from Bota Box which is BPA-free and rich in heart-healthy polyphenols like resveratrol, Bishop says.


Great for portion control

Nuvino Maipu Mendoza Malbec 2013 (Argentina) 187ml

The next time you fire up a grill for a summer barbecue, be sure to grab one of these single serve wine bags. Why? So. Numerous. The reasons. First, Nuvino’s containers score important points to look like adult juice boxes. Plus, they also make portion control easier. “I like that the packaging is close to what an actual serving should be – five ounces,” Gans says. She’s also a fan of how easy it is to keep this wine fresher for longer, which might help someone avoid “drinking the whole bottle because” hey, that’s gonna turn bad! “”

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