10 Great Movies That Perfectly Capture Our Love For Wine

An oenophile is a wine connoisseur. A wino is someone who wastes himself on the cheap stuff. Most people fall somewhere in between, drinking wine to compliment a meal, reward a job well done, survive the holidays, toast the end of the day, chase away the blues, or just relax.

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Wine is the elixir of life. The first glass is good for your health, the rest of the bottle good for your morale. Even better for morale: pair a drink (or two, or three) with a movie that will satisfy and celebrate those inclinations. If it’s wine time, then keep calm, watch these wine-inspired movies, and pour.


“Sideways” (2004)


Two old friends, Miles (Paul Giamatti) and Jack (Thomas Haden Church), road trip through California vineyards to drink wine, complain about first-world problems, and generally act like snobs.

Alexander PayneThe film is a brilliantly observed character portrayal of a flawed man who just wants to drink wine. Like wine, Payne lets his dialogue-rich scenes breathe, allowing their complexity to develop and hit the palate just right. Sideways’ wine nerdery was so compelling that its third character, pinot noir, boosted sales by more than 20%. Indeed, the production of pinot in California has increased by 170% since the release of the film, called “The side effectby winemakers. The effect was two-way, however. Due to Miles’ disdain for Merlot, sales of that wine were depressed.

“A Walk in the Clouds” (1995)

a walk in the clouds keanu reeves vineyard aitana sanchez-gijon

Paul (Keanu Reeves) just returned from the Second World War find the wife (Debra Messing) that he impulsively married before enlisting is not who he thought she was. Disillusioned, he travels to Sacramento in search of work and meets Victoria (Aitana Sanchez-Gijon), a graduate student returning home to help with the harvest. Pregnant by her teacher, Victoria is petrified at her father’s reaction, so Paul agrees to accompany her to his family’s vineyard and pose as her husband.

It’s not hard to imagine these two falling in love in the beautiful surroundings of Napa Valley, even though one is pregnant with another man’s baby and the other is married to another woman. Of course, Hollywood likes to mix a little tragedy with its romance, so the family vineyard catches fire and the vineyard is destroyed, except for a small plant heroically recovered by Paul, saving the family’s heirloom. One of the writers, Robert Marc Kamen, owned a Sonoma vineyard and fire was his greatest fear, although several associates had assured him that the vineyards did not burn. Not only did he keep it in the film, but he proved the naysayers right when his own vineyard did indeed catch fire less than a year after the film was released. ]

‘Wine Country’ (2019)


A group of girlfriends, including SNL alums Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer, Rachel Dratchand Tina Fey, celebrate a milestone birthday with a girls’ trip to Napa Valley. A group of middle-aged women and an almost unlimited supply of wine? Hilarity will surely ensue.

The film lasts female friendships have had many ups and downs over the years, but the wine has flowed freely through each one, soothing broken hearts, celebrating the birth of children, encouraging silly dance moves. Women don’t need alcohol to bond, and they definitely need to be aware of the dangers of alcohol. However, some studies suggest drinking wine with your friends twice a week could help you live longer. Let’s toast to that!

“A Good Year” (2006)

happy new year russell crowe motorcycle vineyards

Max (Russell Crowe), investment banker, inherited the château and vineyard from his uncle in Provence. He spent his childhood there learning to live a slow life and appreciate the good things, but he has since become ruthless in his pursuit of success. Taking a week to restore the castle for a quick sale, Max faces fiery love (Marion Cotillard) and an oenophile (Abbie Cornish) who claims to be her uncle’s illegitimate daughter.

six years later GladiatorCrowe and director Ridley Scott gathered for A good year. fans of Gladiator may have been surprised that this movie was a romance in the vineyards of France, but there was a nod to their previous collaboration for avid viewers. Max rubs earth in his hands, inhales it, no doubt for the terroir. Terroir can literally be translated as earth, but in wine terms it refers to environmental factors, such as nearby crops, that influence the taste of wine.

‘Uncorked’ (2020)

sommelier wine netflix outlet mamoudou athie

Elijah (Mamoudou Athie) dreams of becoming a master sommelier but his father (Courtney B. Vance) insists that he take over the family barbecue. He divides his time between the two pursuits, attending sommelier school and studying for the exam, but family obligations always come first.

Outlet is a great movie that can be turned into a fun drinking game if viewers are hungry for a challenge: all of the wines mentioned in the movie can be found and purchased commercially. Viewers feeling particularly confident can even use the exam grid to give themselves a true test of their wine skills.

‘Bottle Shock’ (2008)

chris pine alan rickman airport wine bottles shock bottle

Based on the true story of early California winemaking, Jim Barrett (Bill Pullman) owns Chateau Montelena in Napa Valley but went bankrupt trying to perfect his chardonnay. His son Bo (Chris Pine) is chronically useless. Meanwhile, Steven Spurrier (Alan Rickman), a sommelier from Paris, came to Napa to find the American victory fit to compete.

Jim’s wine went on to win the 1976 blind tasting, known as the Judgment of Paris. Finally, Californian wines won the respect of the wine community, even though the French were salty about it.

‘Cement Suitcase’ (2013)

cement suitcase dwayne bartholomew shawn parsons wine bar tasting

Franklin (Dwayne Barthelemy) may be the best wine seller in the Yakima Valley, but that doesn’t mean he’s happy. He knows his girlfriend is cheating on him but doesn’t have the courage to confront her. Instead, he meets the other man (Shawn Parson) and to his dismay, he’s a perfect lover.

How many glasses (or bottles) of wine does it take to survive dinner with your girlfriend? How many glasses (or bottles) of wine does it take viewers to cope with the embarrassment of the occasion? Cement suitcase is determined to find out.

‘Sour Grapes’ (2016)

documentary on sour grapes Rudy Kurniawan wine fraud

There are many great documentaries on the winemaking experience, but sour grapes is particularly exciting, illuminating a corner of the wine industry that most viewers are unfamiliar with. A counterfeiter infiltrates the elite circle of people willing to pay thousands of dollars for a bottle of rare wine and sells millions of dollars worth of fraudulent wine through the most trusted auction houses.

Rudy Kurniawan has become the first person in the United States to be convicted of wine fraud. This documentary details how Kurniawan duped authenticating connoisseurs, but it also tackles the excesses of the wealthy. The doc explores the wine cellar of American billionaire Bill Koch while reserving judgment for the viewer.

‘French Kiss’ (1995)

Kate-et-Luc-dans-le-vineyard-Cropped-french kiss meg ryan kevin kline

Kate (Meg Ryan) rushes to Paris when she discovers that her fiancé is cheating on her. Terrified of flying, she gets messy on the flight and doesn’t notice when the cross-eyed guy next to her, Luke (Kevin Kline), is actually a smuggler who uses him as a mule, slipping a vine cutting and a precious necklace into his bag. When the bag disappears, they will spend the film traveling through the French countryside and tying up their romantic entanglements even more.

Kline plays a thief, but his motives are pure: he’s staked his share of a family vineyard and just needs a big payday to get it back. All the way to Cannes, Kate and Luc chat enthusiastically about the wine and Luc even brings along his own aroma sampling kit. Kate was charmed and the audience was hooked.

“A Perfect Match” (2022)

Picture via Netflix

Viewers who prefer a little cheese with their wine might appreciate A perfect match, a nerdy romance starring Victoria Justice as an ambitious wine merchant who travels to Australia to make a deal with a major client and ends up working on his ranch as a jillaroo and falls in love with his arrogant boss, Max (Adam Demos).

Australia makes great wine, which pairs well with motorbike rides through the lush countryside, bar brawls, sheep shearing and shirtless ranch hands. A perfect match proves that wine flies when you’re having fun.

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