16 best rosé wines of 2021


Once window season kicks in, you’re probably also ready to swap earthy, tannic reds for lighter, crisper rosé wines. But just because it is rosé does not mean that rosé wine does not have so much complexity and power of agreement. Rosé wines can vary widely in intensity and sweetness, and the great varietals come from almost every wine region in the world. The most popular rosés have the crunchiness of a white with a bit of the same fruity richness you love from your favorite red. Serve them cold or slightly chilled for the most refreshing drink (or even in a homemade popsicle). Rosé goes wonderfully with everything from grilled dishes to fish, cheese platters, fruit and large summer salads.

Most of the rosés we’ve chosen to present here are wrong on the dry side, although each bottle has its own unique flavors and aromas. Some of them are both sparkling and still, and others are all bubbly. We’ve also included a few canned options as it’s summer and portability is key. While your rosé drinking days may look a little different this year, we have plenty of options to make sure what’s in your glass is enjoyable no matter where you drink it.


Château Monaci Kreos Rosé ($ 14)

Take a walk on the Italian side with this ruby ​​red rosé from the Negroamaro grape variety from Puglia. It has a juicy and fruity flavor with a body almost as rich as a red, with a lovely floral aroma. It is delicious with summer pasta.



H&B Côtes de Provence Rosé ($ 18)

Not only is the bottle beautifully grammable, but this pale pink rosé has a delicate taste of rose, cherry, peach and strawberry. It’s crisp, slightly acidic, and easy enough to drink for an afternoon picnic.


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Santi Infinito Rosé ($ 12)

This beautifully balanced rosé is also native to Italy, bringing a pale pink rosé with more oomph than one would expect from its appearance. Expect ripe wild cherries, strawberries and grapes that pair well with chicken and fish, salad, and (of course) pasta.



Château St. Michelle Rosé ($ 15)

Don’t be fooled by the French name; this crisp and tangy rosé is actually native to the Columbia Valley in Washington state. Expect light berry, citrus, and melon flavors that make this the perfect sipping with a cheese plate or with grilled fish.



Erath Winery Oregon Rosé ($ 14)

This Oregon rosé is made from Pinot Noir grapes and is fresh and satisfying. You will notice flavors of apricot, melon and tropical fruit, as well as a floral aroma that will tickle your senses.



Bonterra Rosé ($ 18 for four)

Drink wine made in California from organic grapes with these cute, portable rosé cans. Taste watermelon, pomegranate, pineapple and ripe peaches in this deliciously dry rosé. It pairs well with just about any picnic fare.



Yes Way Rosé ($ 18)

For those of us who wish our French wine was a bit more, well, pronounceable, look under the shaded hat. Yes Way Rosé is a classic French rose drink, with flavors of strawberry, citrus and light cherry. It’s also a screw cap, so you can open another bottle without additional equipment.



Underwood Rosé Bubbles ($ 28 for four)

Dreams Come True: Oregon’s Pink Underwood Bubbles come in a box to brighten up your picnic, even if it’s just on your living room floor. We love this one in a can or in a bottle, with its effervescent bubbles, its tangy cherry and watermelon notes and its crunchy finish.



Joël Gott Rosé ($ 15)

Hailing from the central coast of California, this light and clean rosé is just what summer needs. It has both rich fruit flavors and a palate-cleansing freshness, for a wine that has enough fruity complexity for red lovers with that acidic bite that white drinkers love.



Noble Vines 515 Rosé ($ 15)

It’s always over 5 hours with this rosé from the Central Coast of California. It has notes of Meyer lemon, raspberry, grapefruit and watermelon. The wine is named after the time when winemakers traditionally stop for a glass of this classic rosé. We suggest you do the same.



Cascadian Outfitters Rosé Bubbles ($ 30 for six)

Just in time for Pride Month, this eye-catching sparkling rosé from the Columbia Valley tastes light, bright, and perfect for a celebration. It starts off crisp, with a bit of strawberry and melon, and ends a little bit sweet. Best of all, a portion of all proceeds goes to the Greater Seattle Business Association Scholars Fund, the country’s largest LGBTQ chamber of commerce.



Epiphany Grenache Rosé ($ 44 for four)

The first thing you need to know about Epiphany Grenache Rosé is that each box contains two (yes, two) glasses. Now that we’ve got that sorted out, this Santa Barbara rosé is as good as it looks. It is acidic and refreshing, with notes of grapefruit, watermelon and citrus.



Segura Viudas Brut Rosé ($ 11 for three mini bottles)

With notes of currant, strawberry and cherry, this slightly sparkling rosé cava is delicious with seafood, rice and pasta, and as a toast before dinner. It’s also available in the cutest 187ml bottles, perfect for a socially distant happy hour.



M de Minuty Rosé 2019 ($ 28)

This classic Côtes de Provence rosé is light, bright and wonderfully smooth. You will notice orange zest and hints of currant. Try it with French dishes, grilled meat or fish, or as an aperitif with raw vegetables. Plus, this limited edition bottle is pretty enough to keep as a vase or to hold olive oil or salad dressing.



Champagne Henriot Rosé ($ 75)

If you’ve got a birthday, graduation, or vacation to celebrate, this special occasion rosé is the perfect popper. With a well balanced fruity flavor and lacy bubbles that make it feel like a party, anytime.


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