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Let’s face it: it’s always a good time for wine. Whether you’re having a girls’ night out, a date, or relaxing at home with take out food and Netflix, a glass of wine (or two … or three …) is a must have accessory. And, of course, no matter what your budding sommelier friend says, wine certainly doesn’t have to be expensive to be truly delicious.

Since affordable wines have no shortage of flavor or pretty labels, it’s almost irresponsible not to spend your money on cheap products. If you’re trying to budget and spend less on “frivolous purchases” (we don’t condone wine as a frivolous purchase, but some might), why not start with your wine?

In my search for really tasty cheap wines, I didn’t discriminate: red, white, rosé, sparkling, twist-off cork. You want to drink it, I want to help you drink it. I’ve also included options for any vibes you can think of: Bachelor watch the party? To verify. Friendly meeting of the book club? To verify. Drinking day? Something to calm your nervousness about the first date? Self-care night? Check, check, check the quality.

Here you will find the best wines under $ 20. Because drinking wine should never require breaking the bank.

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For those who taste like a rich girl

Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Moody, brooding and a bit fruity. Pairs well with: Having friends over for dinner and meeting parents for the first time.


for those who need a vacation

2019 Three By Wade California Rosé

Want to be on the beach but get stuck indoors on a cold day? Transport yourself with a glass of this rosé that will make you forget all responsibilities and immediately feel the sand between your toes.


for residents of Flavortown

Intercept the red mixture

If you are into the idea of ​​an explosion of flavors in your mouth, then you must buy this wine as soon as possible. It has notes of berries, savory herbs and … tobacco …? Trust us though, this is the one you are definitely going to want to try.


For those who may have put an ice cube in red wine before

Pinot Noir 2019

You like red … but you don’t like it to be too much, uh, red? This perfect in-between wine has strawberry notes and appeals to all picky palettes.


for seafood fanatics

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

The fruity flavors of this sauv blanc pair beautifully with any type of seafood you cook. It tastes light and fresh so it doesn’t overpower the flavors of your lobster ravioli or buttery scallops (MIAM.)


for spice lovers

Eccentric Red Mix

For those who douse everything in hot sauce, why not try turning up the heat of your alcohol? You won’t get a sweet, medium, or spicy option with this one, but the subtle spice notes will definitely show up.


For those who organize a tasting (or who just like to buy in bulk)

Tasting box

Why not buy one from each bottle? Frankly? Why not? You’ll have one for when you’re feeling fancy, one when you’re ready to spin (hi, rosé), when your white wine-obsessed friend passes by, and that soothing 5pm on a Pinot Friday.


for citrus lovers

2018 Symphony

If you like to start the day with a glass of orange juice, consider ending your day with a glass of this white symphony. It will be like that morning vitamin C boost with just a little more alcohol.


for those with a rich taste

FLO Red Mix

This wine is a true red blend with Merlot creating a silky palate, Zinfandel bringing ripe fruit and Cabernet providing a powerful finish. A glass of this will make you feel like you’re drinking a million bucks when in reality you barely broke the bank for it.


for gourmets

Rosé wine from the vines

If you like sweets (I’m here with you), you need to add the Cupcake brand to your wine rotation.


for displaying your bar cart

Pinot Grigio Ramato 2019

Sun Goddess by Mary J Blige

I mean, just look at the packaging. I would spend a ton of money to add this bottle to my collection, but it’s only $ 20. And, yes, the notes of peach, blackberries and melons inside the pinot grigio also taste amazing.


for the next girls night out at

California Riesling 2018

If all of your friends have different tastes, don’t worry. This sauvignon blanc will delight everyone because it is neither too sweet nor too dry. Thanks to the prize, you can buy a few bottles before hosting the next happy hour.


for your day without fuss

Sofia Brut Rosé

Take these cans with you on your next picnic, rooftop meeting or day at the beach. The compact case will allow you to pour easily wherever you are.


for your pasta dishes

Conte Fini Pinot Grigio 750ml

The next time you cook a pot of spaghetti and meatballs, make sure you have this delicious white mixture chilled in the fridge. If you’re eating with someone else you might want to grab an extra bottle because it’s so good.


for this barbecue

Rosé 2019

You can never have too much rosé, especially in summer. This new dish with a hint of lime will be delicious with anything grilled at your next barbecue.


for masters of taste

Moscato d’Oro 2017

Whether you’re in the bath or on the beach, pour yourself a few glasses of this delicious Muscat. The fruity taste is too good waaaay to resist. So grab a few bottles the next time you refuel.


for those times when you need something refreshing

Vinho Verde White

When temperatures are scorching, sipping a chilled glass of this crunchy white wine is the perfect way to cool off. I do a happy dance because this twisted hood means I don’t have to wrestle with a corkscrew.


at any time of the day

Lot 719 | 2018 Mediterranean

Cameron Hughes Vin de France

Has summer even arrived if you don’t toast with at least a glass of rosé? Nope. So I recommend you take this one made in France to celebrate those fun times.


for those who prefer something on the dry side

Catherine’s Vineyard Chardonnay 2012

Wines that are too sweet (especially the cheaper ones) can leave you with a headache. This chardonnay leans towards the dry side and has a hint of vanilla, making it a must-have and affordable option.


for wine lovers

Moscato Symphony

Imagine sipping a Muscat in a California winery. This is what you will feel when the fruity notes of this bottle flow into your mouth.


for island vibrations

Fernlands Sauvignon Blanc 2019

If it was possible to put summer in a bottle, it would definitely be inside of it. Sauvignon Blanc has a ton of tropical notes, from grapefruit to pineapple to mango.


for perfect slow combustion

Vinho verde

If you love to drink by day but hate the inevitable 4pm hangover (ditto), this low ABV wine is perfect for sipping on a sunny afternoon.


for wine lovers for dessert

Chardonnay Josh Cellars

All my friends with a sweet tooth, this one’s for you. The bright chardonnay with peach notes is said to have a crème brûlée finish by experts who could detect such things. Either way, it’s tasty.


for the nostalgia of the jam band

Sauvignon Blanc dream tree

If the name brings you back to high school, it’s because Dave Matthews himself is behind this fresh sip, which features crunchy notes of grapefruit, pineapple and lime.


for when you feel cute


The delicate bow on the label is reason enough to make it your go-to rosé. But if you need another excuse, the watermelon, raspberry, and strawberry nods in its flavor profile don’t hurt. (Yeah, I said “flavor profile.”)


for a real wine

Smooth red blend

With a chocolaty finish, this full-bodied red is ideal when you’ve just eaten one day and the only thing that can fix it is an Olivia Pope-sized cup with something sweet in it.


for the self-proclaimed “cheap date”

Red mix

This Cali Red has two of our favorite features: smooth and super easy on the wallet. (I mean, seven fucking dollars, folks!)


for when you want bubbles

La Marca Prosecco

Here is the perfect bev brunch that plays well with others. So take the JO if you go the mimosa route or Aperol if you are more in the mood for a spritz. By the way, this Prosecco is lemony and not too sweet.


for aspiring Francophiles

Sauvignon Blanc

If you like your white wine that is crisp, dry, and with a fancy French name that makes it look like you’ve spent more money than you spent, this bottle should do the trick.


for stone fruit lovers

Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling

With hints of peach and apricot, this bottle will pair perfectly with your take out – or just about anything, as long as you crave something sweet.


for when you feel PINK

Rioja Rosado 2018

Stay true to your rosy roots all year round with this earthy and crunchy rioja from Spain. Yeah, I say “rioja” now.


for your rustic dinner fancy

The Old Red Farm

This cute chicken label only accentuates the country vibe of this hearty, fruity red. The taste is just as rustic and refined as the packaging.


for when you want to have fun

Reserve Côtes du Rhône Rosé 2017

Kiss your inner princess (hey, I know she’s in there) with this beautiful rosé from France. Notes of grapefruit keep it fresh and alive, and the coat of arms label helps support the fantasy that you are royalty. (You are, however, not to worry.)

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