9 Indian wine brands to add to your collection


The Indian wine scene has grown from a handful of brands to nearly a dozen market players. Wine is now an experience – from stays at luxury vineyards to wine tasting sessions, there is so much more to just enjoy the mind over dinner. If you’re just looking to grab a few bottles of wine for your next house party, here are the best Indian wine brands you can choose from.


Fratelli is considered a premium Indian wine brand with a large vineyard that has produced several grape varieties since 2009. “Great care is taken in producing the best quality grapes in our own vineyards to ensure that we produce the best quality grapes. premium wines from Indian terroir, ”says Kapil Sekhri. , founding director of Fratelli Wines. In fact, most of their wines pair well with Indian cuisine, especially red sangiovese which pairs well with biryani and chardonnay with grilled fish.

Recommended choices: Red: Sette White: Chenin Blanc Rosé: MS Rose Mousseux: Black

Fratelli offers a wide selection of wines


Perhaps one of the most popular wine brands in India, Sula is also known for its annual music festival and wine experience. According to Karan Vasani, senior vice president and chief winemaker at Sula, “Our goal is not only to make good wine, but to make good wine with minimal environmental impact. With the widest selection of wines at the best prices, we’re bringing people and wine closer together, one sip at a time. He recommends Dindori Shiraz because it pairs wonderfully with exotic mutton preparations like laal maas and rara gosht mutton.

Recommended Picks: Red: Rasa Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc: Dindori Reserve Chardonnay Rosé: La Source Grenache Rose

Sula is popular for its wine and music festival

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