Acid spill cleaned up at Whitcraft plant in Whitestown

WHITESTOWN — An acid spill at Whitcraft on Halsey Road in Whitestown on Tuesday night had to be extinguished by the Oneida County Hazardous Materials Crew, according to the New York Mills Fire Department.

New York Mills Fire Chief Rick Ulinski said the spill at the aerospace manufacturing plant’s processing area was a combination of hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and an aqueous solution. He said the initial spill was estimated at hundreds of gallons, but it was much less.

“There was too much heat in the reaction and it boiled over the product tank, and the product landed on the floor,” Ulinski explained. The establishment was evacuated.

Emergency personnel were called to the scene around 6:30 p.m., including the Utica County Hazardous Materials Crew. The chef said it was just neutralizing the acid on the floor with chemistry.

“Once it’s neutralized, it’s essentially waste,” Ulinski said. Whitcraft then cleaned up the waste.

Three Whitcraft employees were nearby when the solution spilled, and the chief said they were examined at the scene by medical personnel.

“They were fine,” the chief noted, with no injuries resulting from the spill.

Chief Ulinski said Whitcraft was back open and back to work later Tuesday evening.

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