Best organic wine 2021 – buy at the best budget under a tenner.


We wouldn’t blame you for thinking organic wine came at a steep price, but – before organic September – we unearthed the tastiest, long-lasting (pesticide-free) bottles, under ten dollars. Nothing!

Why do people drink organic wine?

For many of us, the pandemic has changed the way we shop, and we are now increasingly aware of sustainability issues and how our food choices may be linked to the health of the planet. Hello, veganism!

But luckily, something as simple as switching to organic wine can make a big difference. By eliminating the use of chemicals in your bottle, you protect the health of the soil, which in turn supports more wildlife.

Nor is it a throw-away term like “superfood”, if a bottle is certified organic you know it has met strict requirements on how it was produced and handled every step of the way. process.

Other than that, organic wine arguably tastes better because it’s unmasked by a bunch of crazy chemicals. So if you don’t have a lot to spend, chances are a £ 5.50 bottle of organic wine is way better than its non-organic counterpart.

Whether that means you’ll be saved from a wine-induced hangover is a whole different matter …

How we test organic wine

In search of the tastiest organic wine, we gave our test panel 25 chemical-free white and red wines to try. We’ve had their full returns, so you know which ones are worth adding to your RN cart.

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Best organic red wine under £ 10

Purato Siccari Appassimento

Did you think reds were just for the winter months? Think again. This organic beauty comes from sunny Sicily, and we can basically taste the sun with every sip. The heat dries out these grapes, softening them slightly in the process, resulting in a rich raisin and strawberry flavor that is also suitable for vegans.


Best organic white under £ 10

Pilastri Pecorino Salad

When purchased as part of Majestic’s Mixed Six, you can buy this Italian bottle for less than ten dollars. It’s not a grape as well known as Pinot Grigio, but don’t let that put you off. You’ll get a lot more complexity here, with a slightly savory, herbaceous note that our panel thought tastes a lot more expensive than it actually is.


Best organic chardonnay

Emiliana O Chardonnay Organic

£ 8.99

This Chilean Chardonnay really gets you bang for your buck. It’s an unoaked style, with sweet tropical fruit salad hints and a full mouth feel. Our testers were impressed with the acidity and creamy finish – try it with creamy pasta.


Best organic wine at checkout

Bel Campo Bio Fiano

£ 8.50

If you’re up for a bargain, we’re betting our money on this racy fiano – a white varietal from Puglia. A total treat with all manner of Mediterranean dishes – whether it’s lemon baked fish or a large bowl of pasta – expect peaches, grapefruit, citrus and honeysuckle. Let’s face it, it seems a lot more accessible than a vacation right now.


Best pinot grigio joint

Morrisons Organic Pinot Grigio

There’s a reason Pinot Grigio is so popular – it’s usually quite inexpensive and always very refreshing, regardless of the menu. At this price point, it’s never going to be the most complex bottle on the display, but if you’re looking for lemony acidity, apples and pears with the slightest spritz, this one is for everyone.


Best pinot grigio joint

Pinot Grigio Organic Aldi Castellore

With vegan, sulfur-free, and biodynamic options to try, Aldi is our go-to brand for tasty (and cheap!) Wines. It’s a classic, crispy, easy-drinking pinot grigio, and at this price, it’s the perfect mid-week treat – just add the pizza.


Finalist of organic chardonnay

Veramonte Chardonnay Casablanca

Shunning nasty chemicals, Veramonte is another sustainable winery in Chile, producing inexpensive chardonnay in the form of crisps for supply. It is slightly oaky and quite powerful with hints of lemon and pear.


Best organic malbec

SO Sainsbury’s Organic Malbec

This budget-friendly Malbec is bursting with vibrant black fruit flavors and a velvety finish. Spicy and vanilla notes will accompany roast meats, steaks and cheeses.

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