Cameron Diaz launches vegan organic wine with Katherine Power

Cameron Diaz has just presented her first project in years: two new vegan and organic wines, a white and a rosé, called Avaline, which she created in partnership with her best friend Katherine Power, co-founder of Who, What, Wear and Clique Media Brands.

The two friends didn’t know what to name their new baby, so they did what many parents do: scroll through a list of baby names to find the one that suited them best. Now you can enjoy a glass of wine poolside and know it’s made by your best friends, using the best ingredients and without chemical additives. Or gift a bottle to your best friend you haven’t seen in quarantine, knowing you’re giving her healthier, lighter, chemical-free wine.

Diaz, now mum to Raddix and wife to Benji Madden of Good Charlotte fame, hasn’t acted in five years, so this new launch grabbed headlines when it was announced this week, as her fans love always learning what she has done. Meanwhile, she and Power, the fashion entrepreneur behind Who What to Wear, has been her best friend for years.

Power has grown its digital business to include its own fashion line and other media brands. The powerful duo found the perfect juxtaposition between wellness and wine and created a brand of wine free of chemicals, sulfates, sweeteners, food colorings and animal products.

Diaz and Power came up with the idea for Avaline when they got together for an afternoon drink and discussed clean products and a healthy lifestyle. After drinking wine, they realized that they both didn’t know what was in the concoction they were drinking.

While chatting in an Instagram video, Diaz had a wow moment and said, “how good is this wine for us, and can we improve on it?” Power replied, “Isn’t it [wine made with] just fermented grapes?” Poking fun at themselves, Power hinted that Diaz really had no idea about the wine process. Diaz admits she first thought “to add probiotics to make the wine healthy for us”, but now she knows “it’s not what you add, it’s what you don’t add to it.”

Power explains on an IG video that she was frustrated and upset that she didn’t know about vegan and organic wines earlier. “I went home and threw away all the bottles of commercial wine I had,” Power says. She further explains how the most popular wine brands are full of unhealthy chemicals and ingredients. “Everyone buys them, but they are the worst offenders,” she adds.

Diaz and Power spent time learning about winemaking, learning the gruesome behind-the-scenes of the process. “It starts in the vineyard, with the land, with the way the grapes are cared for from the moment they hit the vine,” Diaz explains in an interview with In the style. “If you’re not drinking wine with organically grown grapes, you’re drinking pesticides – it’s nothing you want inside of you.”

Not all wines are vegan, as many are filtered with an animal portion, but Avaline is

Diaz says they had a “Ah-ha moment” before partnering with Power to go into business. “Why not make our own wines?” She goes on to say, “not only are we going to make clean wine out of it, but we’re also going to make organic and clean wine.” Both point out that “there are a lot of vegans who drink wine that’s not vegan.” Diaz says, “there are animal by-products in wine, not all wine but certain wines.”

Power says the most shocking thing they’ve learned is that “grapes aren’t washed when they’re made into wine,” so chemicals and pesticides can seep into the product. “That’s when we booked our flight to France,” says Diaz.

“We met the winemakers who knew the taste we were looking for. We spoke with the woman who created our rose for months and by then she knew exactly what we were looking for and exactly what we wanted to drink” , explains Diaz. “I’m so glad we did this because the demand for cleaner wine has become stronger,” Power says. Diaz replied “absolutely”.

Introducing the wine on Instagram, Katherine wrote: “If a wine’s ingredient list seems self-evident, that’s because it should be: after all, the practice is standard for almost every other product. consumables. But this is not the case with wine.

While food and non-alcoholic beverages are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the wine industry is overseen by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (or TTB). The TTB has mandatory information, but it does not require companies to declare all the ingredients used to make a wine, leaving consumers to unknowingly sip on added sugars, colorings, concentrates, heavy metals, non- organic and animal by-products. “

Kudos to Diaz and Power for their new wine innovation. Power shares, “We hope [Avaline] inspires more clean products in the wine and spirits sector. “Never drink wine without knowing where it comes from. Avaline is currently offering two wines at $24 each: white and rosé. They are not yet available for purchase, but you can be notified when they do. are entering your email address on their website.

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