Chile officially launches an association of organic wines with a memorable acronym

It’s official; Chile unveiled its first Association of Certified Organic Wine Producers, and it was given a distinctive and memorable acronym.

Called COW, it stands for Chilean Organic Winegrowers and brings together eight producers, all members of Vinos de Chile.

News of the association was first reported by the beverage trade in July last year, when it emerged that a group of wineries were banding together to promote organic wine from Chile, taking inspiration from New Zealand Organic Winegrowers (OWNZ), which is dedicated to supporting organic viticulture.

However, last week the organization was officially launched at ProWein, with founding members including Emiliana, Cono Sur, Koyle, Matetic, Miguel Torres Chile, Odfjell, Veramonte and De Martino.

COW is supported by Vinos de Chile, which will help the organic wine association through the larger organization’s R&D center, legal teams and human resources.

The new group was created to help promote Chilean organic wines, but also to raise awareness more generally of the benefits of organic approaches to viticulture, while tapping into a growing demand for organic products.

Indeed, according to COW, sales of organic wines increased by more than 20% in 2021 for the founding estates, with demand notably driven by Canada, the United States, the Nordic countries and Japan.

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