Decant, which recycles red wine residue, is launching a new beauty brand, VINOIR

Decant is a sustainable technology company that has developed recycling technology that converts the “wine pomace” that occurs in the wine extraction process into cosmetics and food products amid growing interest in recycling in the whole world.

Recently, Decant signed a memorandum of understanding with a winery in Tasmania, Australia, and is known for boosting its competitiveness in the global market by sourcing marc from Burgundy, France, one of the best wine regions.

Wine pomace, produced annually around the world but rarely used, is treated as a nuisance that causes soil acidification and carbon emissions due to technical problems and processing difficulties. However, Decant not only acquires green technology certification for the first time as the raw material for cosmetics using wine pomace based on its excellent technology, but also adds high value to wine pomace through various researches. and developments.

A Decant official explained, “Pomace, which collectively refers to the grape seeds, stems and husks produced during the wine extraction process, was used by aristocrats in ancient Western history to care for their skin. By scientifically recreating the treasures of this wine, which had not been noticed until now, we were able to develop them into upcycling materials with excellent antioxidant capacities.

Decant, upcycled red wine marc, is launching a new beauty brand VINOIR. VINOIR is composed of vin (wine in French) and noir (red grape variety in France).

VINOIR strives to transform all wine pomace in the world into gems of the skin care market based on the following three slogans: “Rich in antioxidants from red wine pomace”, “Meet natural radiance” and “Green & vegan beauty”.

VINOIR launched three types of VINOIR Multi Sheer Glow Stick on Amazon: Calm, Love, and Relaxation. VINOIR Multi Sheer Glow Stick Calm is a colorless multi-balm which has whitening/anti-wrinkle function, it has no color so it is more applicable, and the other two are hot coral (love)/berry ( cold) so that can be used on the lips and cheeks as a blush.

VINOIR Multi Sheer Glow Stick offers effective whitening/wrinkle improvement and vitamin C servings and the unique texture melts into the skin to create a light, moist brightening effect even with light base makeup. It can be used anywhere you need to improve the skin and provide an antioxidant effect. It contains ecological and wine extracts.

VINOIR Multi Stick, a 100% vegan ingredient with no animal testing or animal-derived ingredients, is non-irritating to all skin types and creates a translucent glow that instantly brightens your face. VINOIR, a green beauty brand that features Decant’s eco-friendly technology, is currently able to shop on Amazon in the US

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