Farmington couple use Hoop House for wine production


A couple from Farmington said their process of growing grapes for wine production may be the state’s first.

John Cormier, owner of Kennebec Home Brew Supplies, said, “This is what we think is the only way to really grow grapes at their best sugar levels. ”

It’s a little taste of Napa Valley in John and Patty Cormier’s backyard, but, according to John Cormier, it’s even sweeter.

“We want high end wine, the best in the state.”

The Comiers grow their grapes a little differently for wine production – with a Hoop House.

“The soil is perfect, the soil is good, and we just have to make sure that we avoid all the frost, all the moisture, like the way it is raining now, which would spoil the grapes.”

John said, at first he was skeptical of the idea, but now he’s said, “After studying it I’m convinced. It’s the best way to grow grapes.”

Cormier said he realized the importance of being able to control the climate and what he does for the grapes.

“People have to add sugar. You can’t make good wine by adding sugar to increase the alcohol level. Everything will be controlled. We can pick the fruit when we’re ready or when it’s ready and that’s it. is the only way. “

The house was built in June, with support from the community and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

With a “bunch” of goals such as producing hundreds of pounds of fruit and building a bigger house, they want to educate the public.

“If you are considering doing that, they would do well to come see it and talk to us. It’s not just an easy kit that you put together. It’s a lot of work.”

For more information, visit Kennebec Home Brew Supplies on Facebook or call them at 778-5276.

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