First organic wine of the brand “Meysari” presented in Azerbaijan (Photo)


October 14, 2018 11:00 a.m. (UTC + 04:00 a.m.)

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The presentation of the wines of the brand “Meysari” took place on October 12 at the Azerbaijani pavilion “Milan Expo 2015”, relocated in the seaside national park in Baku.

It is quite symbolic that after the resettlement in Baku of the pavilion which promoted the natural and cultural diversity of Azerbaijan during the international exhibition in Milan, a presentation of a new national product took place here for the first time.

In Azerbaijan, which is striving to regain its former glory gained in the field of viticulture and winemaking in the past, new technologies are also being used in this field. Thus, the brand wine “Meysari”, which is the first organic organic wine from Azerbaijan, began to enter the local and global market.

The Shirvan Wines LLC wine and wine complex, where wines of the “Meysari” brand are produced, opened on August 25 of the current year.

In addition to restoring its former glory to the wine sphere and contributing to the development of wine tourism, the wine and wine complex Shirvan Wines LLC, opened with the participation of President Ilham Aliyev, aims to ensure that its products take the place which is theirs in the foreign market.

The plantations made up of different grape varieties have been developed on the territory of the complex. Thus, 40% of the vines, whose total area will reach 200 hectares in 2019, will fall back on the share of white grape varieties, and 60% on the share of red grape varieties. Shirvan Wines LLC produces Sadaf, Marjan and Makhmari wines under the Meysari brand.
The natural climatic conditions of Meysari village of Shamakhi district in Azerbaijan, the volume of annual precipitation, temperature indicators, as well as the results of analyzes of soil samples taken from various places of the territory and carried out in various laboratories in France, confirm that there is an opportunity to grow high quality and productive types of grapes. At the stages of selection, planting, agrotechnical care of the plants according to local conditions, harvesting and processing of the grapes, regular consultations are organized with experts specializing in the wine sector in France. All these factors are at the origin of the production of high quality oenological products, easily competitive on the markets.

In the past, viticulture in Shamakhi gained great fame. In the 70s-80s of the last century, Shamakhi became one of the largest wine regions in Azerbaijan. Today, the restoration and development of this buoyant district are in the spotlight.

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