Gary Barlow launches a range of organic wines


Gary Barlow launches the wine

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Gary Barlow launches his own line of wines.

The Take That leader has teamed up with Benchmark Drinks for Gary Barlow Organic – a range of drinks designed and developed by hitmaker Patience, with blends originating in Spain.

The star couldn’t be more ‘proud’ of her new venture, admitting: “The definition of a good night out for me is friends, laughs and good wine. I was lucky to have traveled and experienced different cultures over the years, and wines from all over the world.

“After months of learning the process and tasting different blends, I am very proud to now launch my own line of organic wines from Spain.”

Paul Schaafsma, MD Benchmark Drinks, added: “It has been a privilege to partner with Gary Barlow and help him realize his dream of launching his own line of organic wines.

The wines are produced by Peninsula Wines in Spain, which is known for its durability and “friendly winemaking”.

Gary Barlow Organic RED is described as a ‘juicy, unoaked wine’, exhibiting ‘aromas of wild red berries with a touch of rosemary and chocolate’, while Gary Barlow Organic WHITE has’ aromas of lime and pear. cut by a sweet note of anise. “with a” tangy and persistent lime mouth. “

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