How to Make the Absolute Best Green Beans

If you keep wanting to eat more vegetables, especially green ones, or find it hard to make them at home, this might inspire you.

Chief Marshall Ziehm, of Hakka cuisinewhipped up a wok full of green beans that looked absolutely appetizing on a recent episode of “River City Live.”

After all, the folks at Hakka Kitchen are the pros when it comes to working with natural, fresh and organic cuisine.

The green beans prepared by chef Ziehm are made with soy sauce, cashews and a little spice. Watch the video above to see exactly how he did it!

Plus, find out about Hakka Kitchen’s wine offerings – and what exactly “organic wine” means. Here’s a hint: Not only is it more environmentally friendly, but these wines may be easier for those of us with any kind of sulfite sensitivity, Ziehm said.

The restaurant offers more than 30 organic wines on its menu, making it the largest organic wine list in Northeast Florida, according to Hakka Kitchen. They even offer a hard-to-find vegan wine that uses no animal products in its processing.

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In addition to a tea pairing, they also offer a recommended wine pairing for each entree they serve.

Hakka Kitchen is hosting a special wine dinner on Saturday, February 26. You can enjoy an appetizer, main course, and glass of wine for $25. If you’ve never been to a restaurant, this could be a great opportunity to fully enjoy the experience.

Hakka Kitchen is a new restaurant under the House of Leaf & Bean brand. They offer Chinese country food and are located in Beach and San Pablo near the Intracoastal Waterway. Hakka, which means “guests”, refers to the Hakka people, a Chinese ethnic group. The menu features many family favorites, as well as creations scavenged from overseas Hakka hometowns around the world.

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