Italian Wine Brands launches bonds for 130 million


The board of directors of Italian Wine Brands, taking into account favorable market conditions, approved the issuance of a senior, non-convertible, unsubordinated and unsecured bond loan for a nominal amount between a minimum of 100 million and a maximum of 130 million euros. The term of the loan is six years from the date of issue, with a fixed interest rate of at least 2.00% gross on an annual basis and full repayment at maturity. It is expected that, “subject to obtaining the necessary authorizations and in compliance with market conditions”, the bond offer could be finalized by May 30. The group explains that the issue of the loan is functional “on the one hand, to provide the company with the necessary resources to support the group’s growth strategy through external lines and, in particular, for the acquisition and consolidation. of target companies in the ” extent of the fragmented Italian wine and food market, thus strengthening its product offer between the categories falling under Iwb’s core business, and, on the other hand, diversifying the sources financing and, where applicable, rationalize existing financing lines in a context which does not impose any substantial limitations on the group’s capacity to pay dividends ”.

According to the president Alexandre mutinelli , the group wants to be a “leader of the aggregation and in this respect we are concretely evaluating the acquisition of certain wineries which share our same vision, our values ​​and the ambitious objectives which we set ourselves”.

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