Limited Edition Organic Wine Grapes Now Available at The Fresh Market

Effective today, The Fresh Market, Inc. is offering three varieties of wine grapes for an extremely limited time: Organic Carignan, French Colombard, and Granache. Although typically grown in regions of Europe where they are used in wine, these organic grapes are grown in small batches in California, where the arid climates are comparable to the vineyards where they are grown overseas. They typically go into wines commonly used in delicious blends and provide interesting flavor notes when blended with other varietals.

The grapes can be pressed, served with charcuterie and cheese boards, or eaten on their own and simply enjoyed for the flavors each specific grape is known for. The Fresh Market plans to sell them out by mid-September, so customers should be on the lookout while they shop!

Organic Carignan grapes
Carignane is a black-skinned grape, probably originating from Aragon, in northern Spain. Variety is found in wines along the Mediterranean coast, particularly in northeastern Spain and the French region of Languedoc-Roussillon.

Flavor Notes: Light and sweet red fruit flavors of cranberry and raspberry. A recommended cheese to pair with this varietal would be one of our Beehive Cheddars.

Organic French Colombard grapes
The French Colombard grape variety originated in France from the Chenin Blanc and Gouais Blanc grape varieties. Columbard grapes are among the white grape varieties authorized in Bordeaux grape varieties.

Flavor Notes: Fresh, floral flavors with crisp acidity and hints of guava. We recommend one of our ranges of fresh to aged goat’s cheese.

Organic Grenache grapes
Grenache grapes probably originated in Aragon in northern Spain and are one of the most popular grapes in wine production.

Flavor Profile: Spicy red fruit flavors of raspberry and strawberry with subtle hints of white pepper. We recommend our Marieke Honey Clover Gouda or a good Gruyère.

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