Police blotter: Officers respond to report of ‘unruly crowd’ at vineyard

An unruly mob at Duck Walk Vineyards brought Southold police to the scene on Saturday. According to a police report, “two groups of more than 20 people became furious, cursing at each other and approaching a physical altercation. Both groups had been drinking and were intoxicated. Many patrons were carrying/drinking glasses of wine and beer in the front parking lot which was confusing to first responders. Officers dispersed the groups, who boarded the buses and left the scene.

• Police responded to a call on Sunday from a Peconic woman who said her elderly mother, who has dementia, drove away. The responding officer located the car heading east on Route 48. The officer was able to stop the vehicle and a family member came and drove the woman’s mother home. The girl was advised to put her car keys in a safe place.

• David Portillo Villeda, 26, of Riverview, Fla., was arrested Sunday on Route 25 in Laurel for drunk driving. He was taken to police headquarters for treatment and held overnight.

• Jason Diaz, 41, of Endwell, NY, was arrested on Saturday for DWI after being stopped on Route 48 in Southold. He was taken to police headquarters for treatment.

• A 40-year-old man from Greenport told police last Thursday that he had been the victim of a text message scam. The man said that an unknown subject had sent him a photo “of an unknown male’s genitals, stating that he was going to send the photo to [the Greenport man’s] family unless the man sends the unknown subject $10,000. The Greenport man said he suffered no financial loss.

• A Southold woman told police last Wednesday that someone stole political signs from her property. The owner told police that two signs – one for Governor Kathy Hochul and one for Democratic congressional candidate Bridget Fleming – were stolen from the front yard. The owner said other political signs were stolen two weeks earlier.

• This being the season, another Southold property owner told police on October 11 that police signs had been stolen from her property. The owner told police “this has been a recurring problem in the past.” On the same day, another Southold landlord said political signs were stolen from her property. All the signs were for the Democratic candidates.

• A Greenport man, described in a report as being intoxicated, told police last Wednesday that another man stole his bicycle. The man said he didn’t see the other man take it “but I know that [expletive] took it.” The man who took the bike told police that the other man had given him permission to use it. When asked to explain further, the man replied : “Dude, [expletive] this bike, I don’t [expletive] know, lock me up. At that point, the first man said he no longer wanted to pursue the case.

• A Cutchogue man called police on October 11 to report that four subjects attempted to steal his neighbor’s vehicle and fled in a black pickup truck. An agent located the van on Skunk Lane. The passengers in the car said they were playing a game called “ding-dong ditch” and were not trying to steal the vehicle. The parents of the passengers were notified and taken home.

Those named in the police reports have not been convicted of any crime or offense. The charges against them can then be reduced or withdrawn, or they can be declared innocent.

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