Radio grows from previous year

It’s been a quiet start to the year for the radio industry, certainly in terms of the latest RAMS audience figures released this morning, Tuesday February 17, 2009, with no individual radio station increasing significantly. significant during the previous RAMS period.

According to SAARF RAMS February 2009, year on year however, many stations are attracting more listeners than they did at the same time last year. Total radio also increased, with weekly listening increasing from 92.0% last year to 93.7% currently, and average weekday listening increasing from 75.0% to 77.1%.

Although there may be more people listening to the media, time spent listening is down from the previous year by 18 minutes, although stable compared to the RAMS of November 2008.

The following radio stations are attracting significantly larger audiences than in the previous year’s release:

  • 5FM, from 4.8% penetration to 5.5%, with 1.715 million listeners per week.
  • 94.7 Highveld Stereo, up over the week from 3.8% to 4.5%, with 1.405 million listeners.
  • 99.2 YFM rose both over the week, from 3.9% to 4.5% (1.410 million listeners), and on average from Monday to Friday, from 1.6% to 2.0%.
  • Gagasi 99.5 FM is up over the week, from 4.8% to 6.0% (with 1.886 million listeners), and during the work week from 2.9% to 3.5%.
  • Radio 2000 increased its audience on a weekly basis from 0.8% to 1.1%.
  • Talk Radio 702 is up 1.3% to 1.7% in weekly audience, with 528,000 listeners.
  • Ukhozi FM increased its audience to 6.629 million over the week, with reach increasing from 19.9% ​​to 21.2%.
  • The community total increased significantly from 19.6% to 22.3% during the week, as well as Monday to Friday average from 10.5% to 11.5%. The provinces showing a substantial annual increase in community radio listening are the North West, Limpopo, Free State and Eastern Cape.
  • Three community stations also recorded growth: East Rand Stereo 93.9fm increased its weekly reach from 0.3% to 0.7%, with 44,000 listeners; Izwi loMzansi 98.0 fm from 0.3% to 1.2% over the week (78,000 listeners); and Qwa-Qwa Radio, with 209,000 weekly listeners, rising from 6.7% to 10.4% audience.

The following stations posted declines during the same period (airing from February 8 to February 9):

  • 94.2 Jacaranda, down 4.1% to 3.4%, Monday-Friday average.
  • RMFM’s audience fell from 0.8% to 0.5%, on average from Monday to Friday.
  • Thobela’s weekday viewership fell from 6.4% to 5.6%.
  • Trufm lost viewership from 1.7% to 1.3% (last 7 days).

The industry can now look forward to late February when SAARF will release the full Teen RAMS results, an additional RAMS sample of 13 to 15 year olds covering the period July to December 2008.

Other RAMS developments coming into effect this year include significantly larger sample sizes, as top log keepers grow from 21,000 to 25,000 per year, with the inclusion of a second small urban/rural sample. from July to December 2009. In addition to the flooding of the large urban sample, the small urban/rural samples will now also be flooded, increasing the number of tenants from 48,000 to 60,000 per year.

Finally, all SAARF research, including RAMS, will now include 15-year-olds in the adult universe.

The second release of SAARF RAMS for 2009 is tentatively scheduled for April 22, 2009.

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