Supply chain issues can affect wine production for unexpected reasons


There have been countless stories of how ongoing supply chain problems due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic have led to random retail shortages. Now, the supply chain problem can affect wine production, but for an unexpected reason.

Affiliate of CBS in Sacramento, Calif., CBS13 reports that a wine shortage could arise due to unavailability of packaging materials, including paper labels and wine bottles.

The outlet spoke with Michael Mellon, owner of Capitol Label in Rancho Cordova, California. He said of the label issues: “We don’t want to order too much and stay here too long, but we don’t want to run out… Adhesives that have been affected by the Texas frost and you have paper jammed. in ports… You cannot comply with state laws without a label.

CBS13 quoted an anonymous winemaker who is struggling to get bottles to house his wine for sale who said, “I have ordered a container from China of the bottles we need. The first container took a month or two longer to get to the port and cost me 50% more than what I was originally offered due to the price increases. “

By no means does this mean that your local store will soon be out of your favorite wine label anytime soon, but these delays could likely cause prices to increase.

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