TCW is now working with Protec to bring the next generation of optical sorting technology to the United States


March 7 – Santa Rosa, California: TCW Equipment is pleased to announce its partnership with PROTEC Equipment, the undisputed leader in optical sorting technology. Protec manufactures innovative products for the food, viticulture, marine and agricultural sectors.

This alliance was established to collaborate on improving US representation and service to the wine industry for PROTEC’s line of optical products. PROTEC’s optical sorters use completely new computer vision methods that are not available in any other machine on the market. The result is more cleanly and efficiently processed fruit than competing optical sorters. In truth, there is no competition.

Optical sorting offers incredible benefits to winegrowers that cannot be compared to manual sorting. While some traditionalists first sniffed at the concept of computers sorting grapes, these same purists were won over by the tremendous benefits that optical sorting offers: dramatically reduced labor costs, increased sorting accuracy and higher flow. All of this leads to an improved end product. So if you opt for optical sorting, you might as well opt for the best, and that’s Protec. You can see the X-Tri series of optical sorters from Protec here.


Founded in 1990 and manufactured in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy, Protec was the vision of Luigi Sandei. He was aware of the innovative value of applying optical sensors to sorters, which reduced harvesting work in the fields, and he used his own experience to manufacture the first “made in Italy” optical sorters.

About TCW

TCW serves the wine industry by selling and servicing winemaking supplies and equipment including presses, destemmers, sorters, elevators, pumps, hoses, tanks, kegs, bottling equipment, filters and more. We are a family business operating out of Santa Rosa, CA, and our team is as passionate about serving the community as we are. Our mission is to work with winemakers to improve industry innovation and success for all. By working with us, you will find that we care about the success of your business and your operations. You can reach us by phone, SMS, e-mail or via our website which allows simple ordering.

TCW sells and services bottling equipment from Quinti, presses from Mori and Sraml, filter systems from Graver Technologies, pumps from Jabsco, Ragazzini, Ampco, Sandpiper and Versa-Matic, cleaning and processing tools from Remco and Vikan, plugs from ElvaMac and reservoirs from Minox.


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