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In the spirit of the season, here is the story of a witch, wine, and a better understanding of both.

In the land of possibilities lived a very lonely witch named Katolena. The locals treated the witch with kindness, but kept her at a distance, because after all, she was a witch! So because of this preconception that all witches are bad, Katolena has always been an outlier in society. When she went for a walk, people crossed to the other side of the street to avoid her.

Another strike against the witch was that she was a Deadhead. She loved the rock band Grateful Dead and was often heard singing along with the band and performing dodgy dance moves as she adapted to the band’s tunes. Such music had a bad influence on young people, of course parents and community elders said.

A few years ago, a young couple moved to the land of possibilities, bought land and planted vines to make wine. It was their dream to grow, harvest, craft and offer the community delicious wines – a dream that came true this year because the first crop of grapes hung on the vines waiting to be picked.

The young winemakers enlisted a number of neighbors to help pick the grapes, then they taught their new pickers how to properly harvest and help make the wines. Everyone was excited to start harvesting, including Katolena, although she was not asked to help with the process. She watched the vines ripen, and without the young couples knowing it, she had watched over the vines at night. Those nocturnal vermin or bugs weren’t going to hurt those youngsters!

The first day of harvest dawned bright and beautiful. People gathered at the vineyard and patiently waited for the young winemakers to appear. They didn’t arrive and soon people got worried. One of the group went to the couple’s house, knocked on the door and discovered that the young winemakers were very sick. They couldn’t guide the harvest team, and who could make the wine? Things looked dark and evil in The Land of Possibilities until the witch slowly walked into the vineyard listening to the Grateful Dead through her earpieces.

People were shocked and scared. They started to walk away until Katolena smiled at them and, in a soft voice, informed the group that she could help them. What? A witch is helping us? At first, the group drifted away from her, but soon, one by one, they were won over by her intriguing charm. Not only that, but this music she was now playing on a speaker was quite alluring. With reserved smiles and a few sways to the music, they listened to the witch teach them how to pick the grapes and bring them to the barn for fermentation and processing.

The day progressed and people not only got to know the vineyard, but also Katolena. When the last bunch of grapes was picked, people celebrated by dancing in the vineyard to the music of the witches. Then, with Katolena teaching them, the excitement grew as they all went to the barn to make wine,

The young couple watched from their bedroom window as the harvest and the winemaking process began. Their hearts grew that day.

The first batch of grapes was turned into a Cabernet Sauvignon Gnarly Head bearing the name Grateful Dead. It featured black cherries, cloves and a hint of vanilla. People started to see the witch in the wine – a bit dark but a nice sweet touch for her too.

Next on the Katolena wine list was a red blend – like Apothic Dark. The newly taught winemakers were in awe of the witch. She knew so much and was so interesting. Again, the mix reflected the witch with its heavy raspberry flavors mixed with hints of sweet chocolate and coffee. How can you not appreciate this witch… I mean this wine?

Then the witch gave them a scary surprise. She waved her wand over a batch and a beautiful clear red wine began to appear. People liked to taste rosé and compared it to a

Apothic Rosé with its refreshing and crisp tastes, but there was a dark side to the wine that people couldn’t explain. The witch smiled and noticed that the wine was like getting to know someone. Don’t be afraid of them — talk with them — walk with them and dance with them.

With that bit of wizarding wisdom, the band raised their glasses in tribute to a fresh start in The Land of Possibilities, and the young couple danced in their bedroom to the sounds of the Grateful Dead.

As always, eat and drink in moderation but laugh recklessly!


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