This elegant, single-serve organic wine won’t go to waste

I live alone. And let me tell you, managing grocery portions for a one-person party is extremely difficult. Just take it from the trail of the half-eaten bags of rotten kale and stale rosé I so often have in my fridge. Luckily, the woman-owned online vineyard Wander + Ivy is one of girls who get it and offers a solution to the conundrum of solo dining. The brand sells a huge range of elegant single-serve organic wines that are definitely worth trying. (If we’ve already sold you the stylish assortment, skip ahead to the brand dot com to nab a set of 187ml bottles at 15% off with the exclusive promo code REFINERY15.)

Wander + Ivy’s about page asks the all too real question “Are you really going to lose another bottle of wineAnd the answer as of now is no. I sipped five different wines from the $64 Wander + Ivy Gift Set and I’m here to divulge why every installment under $10 is both an economical and indulgent purchase that all solo wine drinkers deserve.

You can’t go wrong with a pack of cans of wine from Trader Joe’s, but sometimes you want certified organic grapes, adorable glass packaging, and an overall single-serve wine experience. Founder and entrepreneur Dana Spaulding understood this when she launched Wander + Ivy in 2017 in Denver, Colorado. Some fun facts about the bottles: each holds about a quarter of the average wine bottle, they are made from patented glass to “preserve the romance of wine drinking”, the animals depicted represent the region where the wine comes from. wine. original, and instead of caps, you will find plastic caps placed in each bottleneck for better conservation.

The My Wander + Ivy gift set included eight bottles of five different wine variations: two white wines, two chardonnays, two rosés, a cabernet sauvignon and a blend of red wines, each from four family vineyards in Spain, Italy and California. , or France. As a serial cheap wine drinker, I immediately tasted the difference between my usual $12 liquor store cabernet and these certified organic grapes. Plus, unboxing eight crisp glass wine containers was a far more glamorous experience than throwing away the infamous black plastic bags from the liquor store (or reusing them for my bathroom trash can).


Best for: Impromptu dinner parties

ABV: 13.7%
Remarks: Pear and apricot with notes of nuts and vanilla
In mouth : Rich, buttery and grilled
Agreements: Simple flavors, grilled fish, poultry, hearty salads

Wander + Ivy’s Chardonnay is for anyone looking for a little grandeur. The next time I enjoy this wine’s supple butteriness and oaky finish again, I’d love to be at a fun dinner with friends after 7pm. a chic flair or the fascinating notes of vanilla and hazelnut. Either way, I want to understand and enjoy this wine with tipsy buddies.

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Best for: Spring and summer picnics in the park

ABV: 12.8%
Remarks: Floral, chamomile, dried chestnuts
In mouth : Clover honey, honeysuckle flower, dry finish
Agreements: Appetizers, charcuterie board, fish, light meat dish

Disclaimer: I am not a sommelier, nor do I claim to be an expert. But I took it upon myself to declare the Italian white wine the best picnic wine of summer 2022. It’s much livelier and lighter than the decadent chardonnay. This makes it the perfect match for “your favorite appetizer, charcuterie board, fish or light meat dish”, as the brand recommends – but I imagine the bottle reaches its full potential when basking in 75 degree weather at the atop a plaid blanket paired with a refreshing spring breeze.

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PinkFrance (2020)

Ideal for: having a drink with a friend who does not like wine

ABV: 12.5%
Remarks: rose and strawberry
In mouth : Apples, peaches and rose petals
Agreements: Seafood, white rind cheeses, spicy dishes

We’ll give white wine the best picnic drink of the summer, and let Wander + Ivy’s fruity, floral rosé be the sip most likely to appease the palates of vino haters everywhere. Rosé is mostly sweet, juicy, and pretty enough to not only be the trendiest drink in the world, but also the most digestible for those who don’t usually drink it. I had to actively refrain from taking another sip (for my sobriety in the middle of the workday), but it was nice to taste the fresh spring fruit and floral flavors juxtaposed with an understated, dry feel.

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Best for: Homemade steak dinners

ABV: 14.4%
Remarks: boysenberry, blackcurrant and a touch of mocha and coffee
In mouth : Black cherry and a hint of vanilla
Agreements: Red meat, grilled portabello mushrooms, good aged cheese

I often drink cabernet chilled to balance out the hearty, smoky notes, but this was delicious at room temperature. I could instantly smell the velvety texture described by Wander + Ivy and loved how the mocha notes and dark cherry flavors added weight to the otherwise fresh fruity flavors. This Cabernet would do wonders with a special house steak dinner or at a wine and cheese party with friends.

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Best for: Solo Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, etc. Solo Binge Nights

ABV: 14.5%
Remarks: Red fruits, subtle toast
In mouth : Chocolate and spices
Agreements: Pizza, paella, grills, chocolate desserts

This bottle will definitely accompany me on my next solo Hulu marathon and will pair well with the savory ramen and chocolate peanut butter filled mug cake I make every time. Goldilocks would like this red wine – it’s not too bold, not too fruity, it’s just right. Enjoy the medium-bodied sensation and a pleasant buzz as you keep clicking “yes, I’m still watching” long into the night.

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