Visit the first and largest Texas hemp processing plant in Houston


HOUSTON – You may have heard a lot of buzz about hemp or CBD products and wondered exactly what they are or what they do. Fortunately, the folks at Bayou City Hemp Co. have all the answers – and more. From visiting their innovative facility here in Houston to training people on hemp legalization in Texas in 2019, co-founders Ben Meggs and Jeromy Sherman are eager to share their knowledge as they lead the way in the setting industry standards for booming hemp. industry.

“Bayou City Hemp Company is Texas’ premier hemp processing and extraction company focused on CBD and cannabinoid products,” Meggs said. “We wanted to build a facility that would stand the test of time and meet future regulations that we know will come. “

So what exactly is hemp and how is it different from marijuana? Meggs provided the perfect analogy to explain the two plants in layman’s terms.

“It’s basically like a lemon and a lime,” Meggs said. “Hemp and marijuana come from the same plant, but it’s a different species. One has a significantly higher THC, which is marijuana, and the other has less than 0.3 total THC, which is hemp.

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From its use as a building material to the treatment of various ailments such as nausea and anxiety, the hemp plant has been used for thousands of years for a variety of purposes. Despite this, the hemp industry has only recently been legalized in the United States and Texas.

“The 2018 farm bill legalized hemp at the federal level. Then, with a lot of collaboration over the past two years with lawmakers, it’s now legal in Texas, ”Meggs said.

After a long struggle to be legalized in Texas, Bayou City Hemp Co. now faces another challenge: educating the public about their products and why they are different from other hemp and CBD products on the market.

“There is a stigma. We really believe that the stigma evolves as more research and more consumers take the product and really identify with the positive mental and physical benefits of the plant, ”Meggs said.

Another thing that puts Bayou City Hemp Co. at the forefront of the industry? Teaming up with big local names like Chris Shepherd, Owner and Executive Chef of Underbelly Hospitality, and the team at the 8th Wonder Brewery and Distillery in Eado.

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“We really appreciate the partnerships we have with Chris Shepherd and 8th Wonder because not only does it legitimize our industry, but it really gives the general public the opportunity to get their hands on it, try it, taste it. Said Meggs.

Westin Galleymore, bar manager at Underbelly Hospitality, shared two cutting-edge CBD cocktails that include Bayou City Hemp’s Mixer Elixir. Both drinks are currently served at Underbelly’s restaurants in Houston.


Westin Galleymore, Underbelly Hospitality Director of Bars, shares her recipes for two CBD cocktails served in their restaurants: The Cooler and Grass Snake (Stomach)


  • 3 oz Fever Tree Ginger Beer

  • 1 ounce of lime juice

  • .75 oz of mixed berry syrup (Strawberry + Raspberry)

  • 1 Mixer Elixer CBD pump


  1. Building in a tall glass with ice

  2. Stir briefly

  3. Serve & enjoy!


Westin Galleymore, Underbelly Hospitality Director of Bars, shares her recipes for two CBD cocktails served in their restaurants: The Cooler and Grass Snake (Stomach)


  • 1.5 oz of gin

  • 1 oz salted grapefruit tonic with bitter milk

  • 0.5 oz lemon juice

  • 0.5 ounces of passion fruit

  • 1 Mixer Elixer CBD pump

  • Sparkling water


  1. Shake everything (except sparkling water) in a shaker

  2. Filter over ice in a wine glass

  3. Garnish with sparkling water

  4. Serve & enjoy!

Bayou City Hemp Co. is bringing Houston Life viewers a special deal. Until October 2, use promo code HL30 to receive 30% off their Mixer Elixir product. You can visit the Mixer Elixir website here. For more information on Bayou City Hemp Co., visit their website here.

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