Where I live: Leon Springs

The Where I Live series aims to showcase our diverse city and region by highlighting its many vibrant neighborhoods. Each week a local resident invites us and shows us what makes their neighborhood special. Have we ever been to your neighborhood? Contact us to share your story.

Leon Springs on the northwest side of San Antonio is a family friendly neighborhood with great schools and access to everything you need. Although quite suburban, Leon Springs is a bustling community with friendly and diverse neighbors who genuinely care about each other.

When we first moved here in 2013 after passing our townhouse in the medical center, this part of San Antonio was still semi-rural and reminded me of my hometown. Our street was a dead end with no development beyond and a cow pasture down the road.

I grew up in rural Indiana and after meeting my husband Orlando in college, I decided to move to his hometown of San Antonio. Although I have only been there a few times, it was an easy decision for me to choose the city with a warm climate and a vibrant culture.

The large Orlando family has deep roots in the West Side and welcomed me with open arms so that I immediately felt at home. Having grown up in a large family myself, it was important for me to have this support system. When my parents are from Indiana, they love to take my daughters Cora and Issa to museums and on adventures. And it’s not a trip to San Antonio without a visit to their favorite HEB grocery store. They think Combo Loco deals are the coolest thing and the team members (unsurprisingly) are some of the friendliest retail workers they’ve ever met.

  • Frenchie, an 11-year-old Bichon Frize, guides Aqulia on a walk in a nearby park on Wednesday.
  • Aquila Mendez-Valdez often takes virtual calls while working at her favorite Merit Coffee.
  • Friedrich Wilderness Park offers approximately 16 km of hiking trails with varying levels of transport difficulty.

We have some great options for local coffee nearby, including Cafe Merit and a new, recently opened location for Summer Moon Cafe. I love the Japanese Yummi restaurant for sushi (be sure to try the Boerne roll!), And La Hacienda Scenic Loop has a large outdoor area with a huge wooden play area to keep the kids occupied for hours. .

Friedrich Wilderness Park is a beautiful place to unplug and find a respite from the busy everyday life, and access to trails in the neighborhood for walks with my dog ​​Frenchie is a definite plus. We’re also close enough to Boerne to take a Sunday stroll along the riverbanks when we want to get away from the city on weekends. And of course, the Fredericksburg wine country is only a short day trip away.

As the city grows, there has been a lot of development in this area. In what was once a cow pasture, a new Walmart came up with a Spec’s and a Chick-fil-A. It was a bit of a wake-up call to longtime residents that development was inevitable, but we would like to see more local businesses rather than big chains. We have all the basics now so it would be nice to have more small businesses within walking distance so we can support our local economy.

The owners association, of which I am a part of the communication committee, organizes neighborhood events for residents to socialize and celebrate the holidays together. We love the July 4th tradition that the local Leon Springs Fire Department leads the neighborhood kids in a bike parade, culminating in the truck being parked in the elementary school parking lot and lighting the hose for the kids to do. children can play. We always have lots of Halloween goodies, and our neighbors really participate in the annual holiday light pageant. I look forward to what everyone will come up with this year, and if anyone will finally dethrone our longtime champion on the streets.

In recent years, more and more young families have moved into the neighborhood, which means more friends for us and our daughters. Every afternoon you will see six or seven children, including our two daughters, running together until the street lights come on. In some ways, this seems like a very rare thing in today’s society, so we feel very lucky.

We are absolutely blessed to have found this community for our family and to have people to lean on, especially during the pandemic and winter storm. At the height of the pandemic, we formed a ‘pod’ with our next door neighbors to help each other balance school and work remotely. During the storm my husband had an accident and a neighbor paramedic was there within minutes to make sure he was okay until the ambulance arrived.

Of all the wonderful memories we have made in Leon Springs, the one that always stands out is the birth of our youngest daughter. We chose to give birth with a midwife and Issa was born in our master bathroom. Although she arrived in the middle of the night, our firstborn Cora woke up and went downstairs, meeting her new baby sister moments after she was born. I have so many emotions related to this experience and so many others in our house that even if one day we end up moving, I will know that I will always feel an attraction for this house and this neighborhood.

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