Wine production and welcome center offered for Goshen

The company that produces Kedem kosher wines and other products is working with a Boston-based developer to create a 635,050 square foot manufacturing, warehousing and hospitality facility in the village of Goshen, County. Orange.

Royal Wine Corp., headquartered in Bayonne, New Jersey, has partnered with Boston-based GFI Partners to propose the project which will be located at 2500 New York State Route 17M in Goshen. They submitted their application to the project through the entity Goshen Developer JV LLC. The request is currently being considered by the Goshen Village Planning Council.

Render of the proposed GFI / Royal Wine facility in Goshen, New York.

GFI, through Goshen Property Owners LLC, purchased the property from Yidel Realty, which had obtained approvals to build a 500,000 square foot warehouse with 24,900 square feet of on-site office space. . It was estimated that the construction cost of the approved warehouse would be $ 40 million.

The site consists of 81.9 acres of land and is in the village industrial park zoning district. An analysis prepared for the developer takes the position that the proposed uses are authorized “as of right”. The whole site cannot be developed as there is a total of 32.4 acres of federally and state regulated wetlands as well as sections of wetlands that do not fall under either of these jurisdictions.

Royal Wine would consolidate certain operations in Goshen from its Bayonne site as well as a site in Marlboro, New York. Distribution and warehousing facilities located in Newark and Pennsauken, New Jersey, would be closed.

Royal Wine Corp. promotes itself as “the leading importer, producer and distributor of kosher foods, wines, spirits and liqueurs in the world”. He says his product portfolio represents thousands of items from hundreds of brands around the world. The roots of the company go back to the 19th century in Czechoslovakia where the Herzog family winery supplied wines to the emperor. Phillip Herzog of the family was awarded the royal title of baron. Baron Herzog is one of the company’s most important brands.

Descendant Eugene Herzog moved his family to the United States in 1948, went to work for Royal Wine Corp. and eventually became its majority shareholder.

In the town of Marlboro, Ulster County, Royal operates 35 acres where the grapes are grown and crushed and the grape juice blended. There is a visitor center and tasting room at this location. She has long term rental agreements in Canandaigua, NY, and Bakersfield, California, where she also processes grapes. Royal also operates an 80,000 square foot cellar, tasting room and restaurant in Oxnard, California.

The proposed Goshen facility would include five main areas: grape crushing and grape juice processing; storage of bulk juice in the cellar; production and warehousing; office space; and a reception center and tasting room.

In addition to the main building, there would be a grape pre-treatment facility in a separate building of approximately 1,800 square feet. There would be 12 outdoor storage tanks along the east side of the main building that could measure up to 46 feet in height. The maximum building height would be 56 feet, which would require approval from the Goshen Zoning Appeal Board. In 2020, the council approved heights of up to 46 feet at the site.

The developer expects the facility to have around 100 employees for most of the year, with around 15 additional part-time employees and five full-time employees added during the harvest period from August to October.

The developer predicts that there would be around 100 visitors to the site each day. In addition to vehicle parking for employees and visitors, there would be two spaces for buses that should bring visitors to the site.

The developer predicts that during the harvest season, he will need 20 spaces on the site for semi-trailers. He said the trucks would arrive late at night and early in the morning and be unloaded all day at the grape reception area.

It is proposed that 271 parking spaces be provided with an additional 223 spaces available if required using land that would be cashed in for this purpose.

The proposed visitor center is described as having space for customer service, wine tasting and retail. It will offer visitors a view of the crushing, blending and bottling of the wine, as well as the opportunity to see the wine cellars. There would be a patio to sit outside and areas for buses to run to take visitors to see where the Kedem grape juice is being processed. The developer estimates that, based on sales activities at its other visitor centers, the Goshen Visitor Center would generate around $ 1.5 million in annual revenue.

The developer points out that many of the issues that should generally be investigated when considering an application have already been sufficiently considered for Yidel Realty’s warehouse plan. He indicates that the buffer zones will protect lands belonging to the Orange County Audubon Society and that the impact on traffic is not significantly changed from what was found in studies carried out for the Yidel plan. It was specified that there would be no operation on the site from Friday afternoon until Saturday.

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