Wine-Staging 7.15 Released – Currently at 536 upstream wine fixes

Following yesterday’s late release of Wine 7.15, Wine-Staging 7.15 is now available and continues to deliver hundreds of additional pre-Wine test/experimental patches for bug fixes and other features to help strengthen the Windows games and applications on Linux.

Wine-Staging 7.15 currently contains 536 fixes in addition to the upstream Wine code base. Some fixes around XActEngine7 have gone live in the last two weeks, while a few new fixes have also been added to Wine-Staging.

It’s been a relatively quiet summer for Wine-Staging with few new patches, while at least with this release there are a few new items. DSDMO Library for DirectSound Effects added support for Echo FX and Compressor FX in Wine-Staging 7.15.

With the new point release, Wine’s NTDLL code will now avoid using Wine frames when handling exceptions on x64. This is caused by user reported memory errors and stack overflows with Microsoft .NET 6 programs. Wine’s Steam Play/Proton had a patch to address this issue since February, while it has now been picked up by Wine- Staging before finally making its way to Wine upstream.

The latest of the new fixes is a WineD3D fix to avoid test_resource_access() crashes in Direct3D 8 handling and for some applications not starting.

The Wine and Wine-Staging binaries are available via downloads at for those who want to test these latest development snapshots on the road to Wine 8.0 early next year.

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