Moscato wine: everything you need to know about it

italian moscato is one of the most appreciated wines in Italy and abroad. Many love the intense and unique flavor of this drink, which very often represents the icing on the cake on joyful occasions.

This drink has very ancient origins. Some experts believe that this wine was drunk in ancient greece. Greek heroes and soldiers loved this wine and drank it on festive occasions.

So, let’s answer a few questions: Where does this wine come from? How is it produced? What’s the story behind it? here is all you need to know on Italian Moscato wine.

The history of this Italian wine

First of all, it is good to consider some information about the history of this wine: the oldest variant of Moscato seems to be Moscato White. Years later, the Romans copied Greek traditions and imported this wine. Since then, Moscato wine, also known as Muscat, has become a typical product of the Italian territory.

In the early 1300s, Pietro De Crescenzi wrote a treatise that contained the first definition of Moscato Wine. This scholar’s article shows us two things. The first is how the wine had become famous throughout the peninsula at that time. Moreover, this essay shed light on how the drink had become a luxury item among the most famous merchants.

Nowadays, the tradition of producing this wine has not stopped. Many Italian producers work with passion and professionalism, combining innovation and ancestral methods. This way they can offer high quality Italian Moscato wine.

What are the grapes used to make this wine?

Italian producers use four varieties of grapes to obtain Moscato wine. Of course, the type of Moscato varies depending on the grapes used.

The first type is White Muscat. These grapes are grown in Piedmont, a region in northern Italy. In detail, white muscat cultures are found in the towns of Asti, Alessandria and Cuneo. Wines of different kinds come from these grapes. White Muscat has an aromatic, sometimes sparkling taste. Anyone can smell it when drinking an Italian Muscat wine.

The second is the Muscat yellow. This type is the least common in Italy. Probably, these grapes grew in Syria, for this reason they are rare in Italian territory. Yellow grapes are grown in Veneto, on the Euganean Hills. From these grapes comes Moscato Fiori d’Arancio, a sparkling and fragrant wine.

Then there is the Muscat rose. This variant grows in many parts of Italy. However, the largest production area is in Trentino Alto Adige. Pink grapes are very fragrant, they have a wonderful smell. Moscato Rosa produced thanks to these grapes. However, it is a rare wine because its elaboration is complicated. However, its tasting is a must for those who want to taste a delicious and unforgettable glass of wine.

The last variety is the Muscat of Scanzo. The latter takes its name from a small town near Bergamo, in Lombardy. Unsurprisingly, it is exclusive to this area. It is impossible to find the Muscat of Scanzo in any other part of Italian territory. From this grape variety comes a mellow wine, with an intense taste and rich in aromas.

When to drink an Italian Moscato?

Italian Moscato wine is the ideal choice at many times. This wine is sparkling and good, so non-wine drinkers will love it.

So it’s a good idea to have a glass of Italian Moscato on happy occasions. For example, this wine can be drunk at birthday parties or anniversaries. Plus, Moscato is the wine to drink at special lunches and dinners with family, friends, and your significant other.

What are the recommended food pairings?

There are several recipes to accompany with a bottle of this wine. Usually, Italian Muscat goes perfectly with desserts. Its sparkling and aromatic taste goes perfectly with cake sugar, pancakes and puddings.

In addition, a glass of wine can be drunk during aperitifs. In particular, a Moscato is perfect for aperitifs based on crustaceans or molluscs.

However, it is possible to drink this wine while eating deli. In particular, Moscato Bianco is suitable for those who want to eat savory dishes. Pair it with ham and salami is highly recommended. Likewise, the wine goes well with fresh and typical Italian cheeses such as pecorino, provolone and caciocavallo.

Moreover, it is interesting to know how this wine is drunk in the USA. Americans prefer to combine it with spicy foods derived from traditional Indian cuisine. The result may seem extravagant, but it is unique! In a nutshell, everyone should try it at least once in their lifetime.

Ultimately, anyone should remember that Moscato is a wine to be enjoyed at cool temperatures. The ideal temperature to taste this wine varies between 6 and 8 degrees centigrade.

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